Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yosemite National Park!!

June 19th 2014

Wake up 7:00, fill the bus at 8:00 and (almost) everybody was ready to go at 8:15. We spend approximately 5 hours in the bus so luckily movies and other games were here to help us to fight against boredom. Then we arrived at…(drum roll)…Yosemite!!! The National Park is so beautiful that it should be considered as one of the 7 Wonder. The part we visited was a valley full of sequoia, maples and other kind of trees. It was also surrounded by gigantic cliffs. There was on one of the cliff a long and transparent waterfall, one of the longest in the world. We went there and take some pictures after a nice picnic. After that we walked to a river in which we could swim. The water was a little… really really really cold but exchange students are brave so I am proud to say that almost everybody put his\her feet in the water. But luckily the sun was here to warm us up. Some of us saw Bambi´s mom in the forest also. Finally we came back to the bus, drove to  a “Home Town Buffet¨, had dinner and went to the hotel. We spent some times in the swimming pool, had the meeting, did “chupetta” and everybody went to bed.

-Written by Melanie from France 

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