Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NEWS!!!! #california

Hi everyone!
My name is Luisa and I’m from Brazil. We are in the West Coast for already 6 days and we are having a blast! 
Sunday we went to Santa Monica. There we had time to enjoy the beach either swimming, laying down or playing soccer. We also went to the famous pier, where there is a amusement park. Some of us rode the Ferris wheel, where we were able to see the best view of the beach.
After lunch we went to Malibu, where we had more time to enjoy the beach. Our next stop was Santa Barbra, where we had just a little time, but enough to enjoy the view, pictures, and the last soccer game of the day.
Today we went to Monterey’s fishermarket, that is a really nice place by the sea, where you can find some souvenir stores, restaurants and even see sea lions! We had some free time to explore the place and buy a sweatshirt because we had a cold day, and most of us weren’t expecting for this.
We had lunch in a really nice restaurant called Domenicos, where we could see the sea and the sea lions.
Once more we went to the beach, this time was Carmel Beach. Even with the cold, we tried to enjoy our afternoon as most as we could, some swam, some tried to get tan when the sun came out, and some played soccer.
After this amazing day we headed to San Franscisco. We ate in the mall and had some free time to shop. We finally came to the hotel to relax.
Hope you are enjoying the blog as much as we are enjoying the trip!


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