Saturday, June 21, 2014

Grand Canyon!!!

Hello everybody!

We're Karolina (Finland), Anna and Lena (Germany). We started our day with a bus drive from Williams, Where we are staying in the hotel, to the famous Grand Canyon. There we hiked downwards for about 40 minutes, took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the beautiful view. On our way up we saw squirrels and a troop of mules. We got back up dusty and thirsty and sweaty. As we arrived at the water fountain, we saw a deer that was drinking of it with Kinga (Poland) holding the button.Then we went to eat and watched a movie about the history of the Grand Canyon. During the movie you felt like you were a part of it, because of the great point of view. We took more pictures at another viewpoint and were fascinated by the incredible nature, that the earth has to offer. We drove back to Williams and had some freetime to go through our talent show acts, before we got to see the very typical american cowboy show. And right before the show started we had the best chupeta we had ever done in the middle
  of the crowd. Afterwards we went to a very american retro restaurant and had a lot of good barbecue food. With a full stomach we came back to the hotel and enjoyed our time together. We are so thankful for all the wonderful friendships we made during this amazing trip.

Good night!!!!

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