Friday, June 13, 2014

Hey everybody! My name is Taylor and I am the assistant this year on bus 2! I am really excited to be here because we have an amazing trip ahead of us. Today we went to Universal Studios! First we took a behind the scenes tour together. They showed us the sets of many famous shows and movies, like desperate housewives, jaws, and phantom of the opera. Many of the buildings shown on tv are not actually real buildings, just the front part and nothing behind. Next we went on many different rides including The Simpsons, Return of the Mummy, Jurassic Park, and Transformers. Some of these rides were just simulators for which we used 3D glasses, while others were actual roller coasters. We spent all day at Universal Studios- the weather was absolutely beautiful: sunny and warm!! After a long day of rides, we had an hour and a half at Citywalk, an outdoor shopping center right next to Universal Studios. Lastly we had dinner at Bubba Gump's! Some people had shrimp (that's what they are famous for) while others chose a cheeseburger, salad, pasta, or fish. At the restaurant, the waiters asked some questions about the movie, Forrest Gump. After a very long and fun day, we headed back to the hotel to get some rest for tomorrow's adventures!

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