Wednesday, June 25, 2014

San Diego - Part 2!!!

Good night everybody!
 My name is Rodolfo, and today me and all my friends who have been travelling around the west coast since june 11th had such a busy and great day in san diego.
 We arrived here yesterday night and today in the morning we headed to the Sea World for another exciting day of our trip.
 Over there we had the opportunity to go to nice rides as the rollercoaster "Manta", we could spend have a good time at the Arcade, and we also could get in touch with many exotic animals as flamingos, dolphins and mantas. The best part of our day at the park, though, was definitively the famous presentation of the whales. It is so impressive what those huge animals can be taught to do: They jump, twist, throw water on us... It is spetacular!
 After having fun we came back to the hotel to get ready for the dinner at Denny's and afterwards come back for our "Secret Santa".
 Our Secret Santa was so funny: our friends were so creative to get nice gifts for each other. Everybody was part of it: Exchange Students and Chaperones. It was such a great idea to make this happen once we found out who we had to give a gift to a long time ago. Having a long time to between the day we found out who was our "Secret Friend" and today gave us the opportunity to get closer to the person and know much more about them than only their names: We were able to get closer to them, find out what they would like to get as a gift and also develop our friendship.
 That was our day. Tomorrow we have a day at the zoo and then we come back to LA. Even though Im really excited to come back to LA it makes me sad as it reminds me that our trip is getting to the end. Please, can we start it all over again?

Rodolfo - Brazil

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